Brandenburger Tor - Berlin


Das Viaduc de Millau ist die längste Schrägseilbrücke der Welt und das höchste Bauwerk Frankreichs. Eigentlich als Auftragsarbeit entstand diese wunderbare Architekturaufnahme einer Brücke von Markus Bollen.

Viaduc de Millau - Bridges


Valencia - Calatrava


Mikado - China




Architectural Photography as Art

In early 2001 Markus Bollen began photographing the new government and embassy buildings in Berlin.

The Chich Architecture, the symbols of power alongside the Spree is his theme.

Just as he had set up his large format camera in the Ministry of Foreign Affair on September 11th 2001, the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York happened. All permissions given to this point were withdrawn for two years. Not until 2003 he could continue his work.

Timeless pictures of architecture that has had an eventful history were created.

For example the Ministry of Foreign Affair was the Building of the Reichsbank in the Third Reich, in DDR times, the Ministry of Finances and later the central committee of the SED were located here.

Bridges as a symbol for communication, of connection, relief on long journeys, overcoming of obstacles. That is the theme of this series of Markus Bollen.

Timeless pictures were created, that put each bridge in its own context. His photographs of the Storebelt bridge became famous for implying the change of times not only with the night shots but also with the pictures of the no longer used ferry ships.

Santiago de Calatrava always used natural elements in his architecture. Columns support roofs like large trees, entrances open like eyelids. Before the Expo in Lisboa he created a traffic junction. Tram, bus station and railway meet in one building just in front of the Expo building.

In Valencia, his home city, he built a city of arts and science in a dried out riverbed. Markus Bollen photographed here with his large format camera.

He created timeless shots of architecture, which emit not only majesty but also calmness through the light and their natural line flow.