Life walk Markus Bollen

Born 1960 in Hamburg
Grown up in the Bergisches Land

1979 high school diploma

1981-1983 training as a photographer,
Lette school (craft) and
Workshop for photography in Berlin-Kreuzberg (art)

1982 Trip to Australia, Highway 1
from Melbourne to Cairns

1983 first exhibition in the town hall of Bensberg
"Portraits and Moo Picture Press"

1982 Beginning of Rinzai-Zen practice in the Mumon-Kai Dojo, Berlin

1983-1985 Sinology studies in Cologne

1984 Worked in video production at the McCann-Erickson advertising agency

1984-1985 work in the industrial film production KPM; with production trips to Kuwait and Thailand, Venezuela and Guatemala

1985 exhibition in the "Galerie Sangermann", Berlin

1985-1987 After completing his master's degree, he stayed in Japan, the Republic of China, traveled to Red China and Tibet

1986 Beginning of Aikido

1986 Exhibition in Taipei "Jiou Zai Gou" a valley in Tibet

1987 self-employed as a photographer

1988 first trips to Sicily

1989 work on gardens in England
Start of the work "Natural Structures"

1990 Beginning of a work on artists in Dresden, documentation of the situation of artists who had worked outside the state art establishment.
Portraits in the studios capture the status quo.

1991 Exhibition in Dresden "North Gallery"
"The Portrait"

1992 first stay in the USA,
New York and Washington

1993 Exhibition in Cottbus
"B53" artist portraits

1993 Trip to Kham, East Tibet,
now part of Sze-Chuan

1993 Trip to Tunisia for Lufthansa
in the footsteps of Klee, Macke and Moillet

1994 work on castles in Sicily "Castelli in Sicilia" in large format 8/10"

1994 Exhibition in Leverkusen on the topic "Tibet"

1994 1st trip to Sapmi, work on the Samé, the last indigenous people in Europe, Northern Scandinavia - Lapland

1995 "Tibet" exhibition in Cologne City Hall on the occasion of the visit of His Holiness XIV Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

1996 Documentation in Jerusalem about the construction of a cross on the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

1996 Trip to Tibet, Kham and Lhasa overland to Nepal

1996 2nd-3rd Travel to Sapmi Work on Arctic Cowboys

1997 stay in the USA, California, LA collaboration with the photographers Donald Dietz and Douglas Kirkland

1997 Collaboration with D. Dietz in Hong Kong "Handover"

1998-1999 work on the book "Castles in Italy"

1998 work in Valais about snowboarding (next to waterfalls)

1998 work on Maui, Hawaii on windsurfing (next to bamboo)

1998 work on the architecture of the Expo in Lisbon

1999 Exhibition in Bensberg at "Koehler Hering Neumann Luxem"

1999 work on the Seychelles, where "palm trees" were created

2000 trip to Lebanon and Syria

2001 Group exhibition in Karlsruhe "Art in the district court"

2001 exhibition in Bergisch Gladbach "Kursana"

2001 grant from the Kulturwerk der VG-Bildkunst

2002 Exhibition in the "Quattrium" in Ratingen

2002 Exhibition at "ACT" in Cologne

2002 trip to Masuria, beginning of the work "Brachland"

2003 Exhibition at "Agora" in Hamburg

2003 Exhibition in the Kulturbunker in Cologne

2004 Exhibition at R&L in Hamburg

2004 Exhibition at AON in Hamburg

2004 exhibition at GE-Capital in Neuss

2004 Exhibition at AON in Mülheim

2004 Exhibition at Medienfabrik, Braunschweig

2005 Exhibition at Schloss Dyck, Grevenbroich

2006 Exhibition at Doyé and Neuhaus, Cologne

2006 Exhibition at the Pax Bank, Cologne

2006 work on the "China Boom" project in Beijing and Shanghai

2007 Exhibition at von Zanthier, Berlin

2008 Start of work on open pit

2008 Exhibition at the Rotonda Business Club, Cologne

2009 exhibition in the ArtFabrikGalerie, Wuppertal

2009 Exhibition at the Allianz Academy, Cologne

2010 exhibition in the A24 TBG "Zeitzeichen"

2010 Exhibition at the Federal Highway Research Institute

2011 Exhibition at Deutschlandfunk Cologne

2011 Exhibition at Sarasin Bank, Cologne

2011 Exhibition Karlsruhe district court

2012 exhibition IHK Cologne

2013 funded by the F.Victor Rolff Foundation

2013 Exhibition at Ernst&Young Cologne

2013 exhibition in the ArtFabrikGalerie, Wuppertal

2014 exhibition in the MVZ, Venusberg, Bonn

2015 exhibition in the glass pavilion Rheinbach

2015 Exhibition in the E-Werk Cottbus "Open-cast mining"

2016 Exhibition at the VHS Bergisch Gladbach

2017 Exhibition at Schaelpic Cologne "Blackbrook"

2018 group exhibition Hope and Solidarity with Gerhard Richter ao Cologne

2019 Exhibition in Dyck Castle "Garden Focus - Genius Dyckensis"

2019 group exhibition in Burg Gladbach "Snow White"

2019 group exhibition in Lüntenbeck Castle

2019 group exhibition in gallery "Ins Blaue", Remscheid "The forest and the storm"

When I look at the screen, I am always asked, is this a 100x300cm picture that can give the viewer something for 10 years?

I want to bring joy and strength to the viewer with my pictures.
I would be given the greatest praise if people went into the exhibition and, excited by the pictures, said, now I have to go back into nature and take a closer look.